Recruitment strategies

Recruitment strategieën

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Recruitment Strategies

Every target group and recruitment issue deserves its own strategy. That is why all our solutions are customised. Based on our research, we determine together the best strategy for solving your problem.

Our process runs as follows:

1. Vacancy Market Analysis

We always start with a market analysis of your specific target audience. This way, you know exactly who the best talent is, where they are located, and who your competitors in the field are.

2. Market Research

After this analysis, we approach professionals on behalf of your organisation. During this process, we collect a great deal of data about the target group. We analyse things like how they respond to our contact attempts, what career motivations they have, and what they think of your organisation. We compile this data into our Talent Analysis Report

3. Talent Analysis Report & Determining the Stratege

In this report, you will find the results from the past few weeks. In it, we delve deeper into our findings about the target group. We will discuss this report together and, based on the results, we will determine the best strategy for approaching your target group.

4. Implementing the Strategy & Obtaining Results

In the weeks that follow, we will implement the strategy. We actively seek out the best professionals and allow them to become acquainted with your organisation. We always do this on behalf of your organisation—think of us as your networking agent. In this way, every conversation also has a positive impact on your Employer Brand.

Based on your issue and our research, we will work together to determine the best strategy for connecting your organisation with the right talent.

Are you curious about our strategies? Think of things like Direct Sourcing, Talent Pooling, Interim Sourcing, and Job Branding. Of course, a combination of these strategies is also possible.

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